Local Training: What Can It Do For You?

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Improve tech skills and industry knowledge through our cooperative training sessions

This August saw NovaStar collaborating with 3 different North American clients to hold some great training sessions. Here’s the wrap-up:

Our first training session found us in Illinois, working with ABCOMRENTS to provide training on LCT-Mars, intelligent mapping, and rotation.

Next we headed to Florida to hold a training session in cooperation with Huahai LED USteam. This session focused on the Taurus series of products.

Finally, we worked with MB Productions in New Jersey to hold a training session focusing on LCT-Mars, firmware updating, all-in-one controllers, calibration, and HDR.

These training sessions are a great chance to cooperate with clients to provide flexible training on a variety of topics, improving industry knowledge and technical skills, as well as getting familiar with the newest NovaStar products.

For those interested in working together to hold a training session, you can contact us at northamerica@novastar.tech

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