Low Latency Solution

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Low Latency Solution

If you work with applications such as TV broadcasting, live event coverage, high-end concerts, or others that have very high requirements for latency reduction, then this product will be useful.

Enter the MCTRL 660 PRO, a controller that may be just what you need to solve your requirements for low latency. With your video source connected to the MCTRL 660 PRO, the signal is processed and transferred to the A8s receiving card with zero latency. The A8s then sends the signal on to your display with a latency of less than 1ms, resulting in a total latency from video source to display of less than 1ms.  

You may already be using an A8s receiving card, in which case all you need is to simply add the MCTRL 660 PRO to be able to realize a total low latency solution.  This also makes setup a breeze, as you can continue using your existing A8s, wiring, and display, simply connecting a MCTRL 660 PRO into the front end.

Your event is important, and keeping latency in check is important to your event, so the solution you choose is critical. We trust the MCTRL 660 PRO to get the job done, and we hope you will too.