NCE2020 is coming!

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We here at NovaStar truly appreciate all the help and support our clients and friends gave us in 2019. Last year we held multiple NCE training sessions in Europe, Latin America, and Australia. In Amsterdam alone, we held 16 training sessions, training around 100 people, not only improving attendees’ skill with use of NovaStar products, but also contributing to the creation of more outstanding technical professionals for the LED market. In 2020, NovaStar is making bold improvements to the NCE training program, adding more content and emphasizing hands-on operation.

NCE Training in Amsterdam
NCE Training in Australia

What is NCE?

NCE stands for NovaStar Certified Engineer. The program consists of a focused training course by NovaStar’s professional training team, including software operation, on-site problem solving, and more. The courses are divided by product type, including: synchronous solutions (Fundamental Course, Advanced Course), and calibration solutions (Calibration Course). In the future there will also be courses related to video products. Courses feature a comfortable and productive atmosphere, with plenty of interaction between instructors and students. Students are also able to assess their own skills through a post-course examination with both written and hands-on operation portions, determining if they have obtained the technical skills most important to them. All students passing the examination will receive a certification from NovaStar.

NCE Written Exam
NCE Certificate Presentation

Undergoing the rigors of the NovaStar NCE training is your path to understanding NovaStar, using NovaStar products, and improving your technical capabilities. The new and improved NCE training program is now coming to our European and North America subsidiary companies, with regularly scheduled training sessions beginning in March. If you’d like to learn more about the amazing NCE training program, please visit our website’s NCE page . We’ll be waiting for you in 2020.

North America Subsidiary
EU Subsidiary

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