NovaStar Leads The Way @Integrated Systems Europe 2018

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With over 1,200 LED technology and solution providers in attendance, everyone who’s anyone in the industry is aware of Integrate Systems Europe. As one of the leading LED solution companies in the world, NovaStar has been looking forward to this event for a long time. One of the reason’s we’ve been so excited for this year’s ISE is some of the great new products we have to share with everyone. 


One of our featured products at this year’s ISE was the NovaPro UHD, the most powerful and advanced all-in-one 4K solution on the market. NovaPro UHD integrates video processing, 4K sending, and system control, allowing you ultimate control with only one product. It’s a perfect fit for stage rental applications, and we received some great feedback on this product from people stopping by our booth.

Also getting a lot of attention at ISE was the ThunderView Series. Aimed at applications with a need for low latency and high stability, ThunderView is a great fit for high-end applications like broadcasting, sports matches, concerts, or media centers. The S1 Controller and TR100 receiving card, working in unison with NovaStar’s own SDI protocol, ensure that latency never rises above one frame.

Although these products were featured at the event, we also had lots of other great NovaStar tech on display such as: NovaPro HD2, MCTRL 4K, MCTRL R5, MCTRL 660 PRO, VX6, TB3, TB6, A10s, A8s, C1, J6, and J10.


We’ll be honest… It’s events like ISE that make us love our jobs. The sheer number of tech lovers in attendance…the excitement in the air… Having a chance to share our amazing tech with so many people at once is the most exciting part of our year. From the response of those visiting our booth, we can tell that guests were feeling the same way. Everyone seemed to love having the opportunity to get some hands-on time with our newest technology, and after learning about these products nobody was leaving our booth disappointed. We were also very honored to be featured in AVTV and rAVE Publications, both of whom are featuring articles about NovaStar’s excellent showing at ISE 2018.


All good things come to an end, and Integrated Systems Europe is no exception. For all those who came to visit our booth at the show, you have our thanks. For those who didn’t make it to ISE this year…You also have our gratitude for your continued support of NovaStar, as well as our hope that you can make the show next year. It is a truly amazing event that shouldn’t be missed.  ISE helped NovaStar kick off 2018 with a bang, but we won’t be stopping there. With some amazing new products in the coming year, as well as the same great customer service you’ve all come to expect, NovaStar plans to make 2018 our best year yet.

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