NovaPro UHD

All-in-One series

The NovaPro UHD is a new all-in-one controller developed by NovaStar. By integrating video processing, video control and LED screen configuration functions into one controller, this product is capable of receiving a variety of video signals, processing and sending images of resolutions up to ultra HD 4K×2K@60Hz and 8K×1K@60Hz, and provides a maximum loading capacity of 8.8 million pixels.

With the built-in Master VI smart platform, the NovaPro UHD supports layer creation, property settings, and screen configuration via mouse, keyboard and monitor.

The NovaPro UHD can send the processed video to LED display through Neutrik Ethernet ports or fiber optical connectors. With powerful video processing and sending capabilities, this product is well suited for high-end rental applications, stage control systems and fine-pitch LED displays.


  • A variety of input connectors: 4 × 12G-SDI connectors with loop output functions, 1 × HDMI 2.0 with loop output function, and 1 × DP 1.2
  • 1 × replaceable input card with four connectors Input card can be DVI or HDMI (default)
  • 16 × Neutrik Ethernet ports and 4 × optical fiber output connectors
    The loading capacity can be up to 8.8 million pixels
  • 6 × layers, 1 × OSD, 1 × LOGO, and 1 × BKG
  • 2 × layers up to 4K×2K, 4 × layers up to 2K×1K Layer scaling supported
  • OSD supports 4K×2K resolution, cropping, opacity, dynamic/static images and position settings.
  • Layer opacity adjustment, irregular layers, layer mask, and layer copying, mirroring and flipping supported
  • Layer priority adjustment by z-order
  • Up to 8K output width or height of a single device
  • MultiViewer settings
  • Set to monitor input sources, PVW, PGM, or perform mixed monitoring.
  • 16 × Neutrik Ethernet outputs, 4 × 10G fiber optical outputs with copy and hot backup modes
  • Quick and advanced screen configurations
  • With the built-in smart platform Master VI, LED screen configuration and layer configuration can be easily performed via the connected mouse, keyboard and
  • 10-bit processing of the input source
  • HDR function to make images finer and smoother
  • Low-latency output
    Approximately 3-frame delay from the input to receiving card
  • Remote data transmission via a Gigabit Ethernet port or fiber optical connector



Power button

This is the power button of the device.

  • Press it to power on the device.
  • Hold it down to power off or restart the device.

Layer buttons

These are the shortcut buttons for layer operations.

  • Press a button to quickly create a layer.
  • Blue: The layer is open, and the input source is accessed normally.
  • White: The layer is open, but the input source is not accessed.
  • Off: The layer is not added.
  • When a layer is opened, hold down the layer button to close the layer.
  • Flashing: The layer is being edited.
  • Blue, flashing: An input source is accessed to the layer and the input source is normal.
  • White, flashing: No input source is accessed to the layer or the input source is abnormal.

Input source buttons

Indicate the status of the input source.

Press a button to quickly select an input source.

  • Blue: The input source is accessed and in normal use.
  • White: The input source is accessed but not in use.
  • Off: The input source is not accessed or used.
  • When the indicators of all the buttons with numbers are blue, these buttons can be used to enter numbers.

TFT screen

Display current device status and settings menu.


  • On the home screen, press the knob to enter the operation menu screen.
  • On the operation menu screen, rotate the knob to select a menu item, and press the knob to confirm the selection or enter the submenu.
  • When a menu item with parameters is selected, rotate the knob to adjust the parameters. Please note that after adjustment, you need to press the knob again to confirm the adjustment.

Function buttons

Navigation button: Hold it down to enter or exit quick navigation screen. By rotating the knob, you can quickly get started with NovaPro UHD.

  • FTB: Set LED to black screen.
  • LOGO: Enter LOGO settings menu.
  • PRESET: Enter preset menu.
  • FREEZE: Freeze the PGM screen.
  • OSD: Enter OSD settings menu.
  • FN: Custom function button
  • TEST: Enter test pattern menu.
  • BKG: Enter BKG settings menu.
  • TAKE: Press the button to switch PVW to PGM with the transition effect set  previously. A total of 16 transition effects are supported.
  • CUT: Press the button to switch PVW directly to PGM.

ESC button

Press the button to exit the current menu or cancel the operation.

USB ports

  • 2 × USB ports
  • Insert a USB drive to perform system update.
  • Connect a mouse or keyboard.