Receiving Card of Armor Series

Highly improving the image quality on the display

The latest LED display image processing technology from NovaStar. Effectively improve gray-scale performance under low brightness, showing more exquisite and more expressive images.

Smart Gamma Correction

Gamma correction is automatically applied according to the display brightness, achieving a better gray-scale performance and providing clearer pictures.


By adjusting the texture, size and contrast of images in different areas to further enhance the image details.

High-end mini receiving card of NovaStar Armor series, featuring a small size and full-function, supports 18bit+ and ClearView, the latest LED display image processing technologies from NvaStar. Highly improving the image quality on the display, creating an eye-pleasing presentation, and therefore more valuable. 

Armor series

Regular Receiving Card (Class A)

Regular Receiving Card (Class B)