• The S1 is NovaStar’s new generation of Thunderview series display controller especially designed for high-end display applications. With multiple I/O connectors and control connectors, it is ideal for different applications, such as broadcasting and television, indoor high-end screens with fine pitch, rental for stage, security monitoring, etc.

    The S1 has 3G data transmission bandwidth. A single coaxial connector can support up to 1920×1080@60Hz and the device supports up to 3840×1080@60Hz. Benefiting from the SerDes technology, the S1 can realize zero-frame latency.

    Connection of hardware devices to the S1 is shown in the figure below. The device must be powered off before connection.

  • The inputs of the S1 includes 3G-SDI×1, HDMI×1, DVI×1 and support input resolutions up to 3840×1080@60Hz.
  • The outputs of the S1 includes BNC×2 pairs.
  • Zero latency feature, the whole system includes S1 and TR100 only 1 frame.
  • Support pixel-level calibration technology.
  • Support Mapping.
  • Support the hardware backup solution.
  • The system can be configured with a knob and a button on the front panel. Computer software for system configuration is not necessary.
  • The OLED display makes operations much easier.


HDMIl Standard HDMI 1.4a input l Supports 8-bit/12-bit. For 8-bit, supports RGB 4:4:4 1080P. For 12-bit, supports YCbCr 4:2:2 1080P.
DVIl Single-link DVI l Users can customize the resolution. Maximum horizontal resolution: 3840 pixels Maximum vertical resolution: 3840 pixels
SDI INSupports 3G-SDI progressive input in standard format.
SDI LOOPSDI loop out


OUT1, IN1 OUT2, IN2l OUT1, IN1, OUT2 and IN2 are coaxial output connectors. l OUT1 and IN1 are used in pairs. OUT2 and IN2 are used in pairs. l Supported bandwidth of each channel is up to 3G. l Loading capacity of each channel is up to 1920×1080@60HZ. l Maximum transmission distance of the coaxial cable is 100m.


InIt is the GenLock synchronization signal, which is used to ensure synchronization between the LED screen display and external GenLock source.
LoopGenLock loop out


RS232Baud rate: 115200 Bps
ETHERNETRJ45 (TCP/IP) control connector
USB (Type-A)Control connector that connects to the upper computer
USB (Type-B)Cascade connector


100–240VAC@50/60HzAC power input




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