VMP is an all-new display control software that integrates design, management, and monitoring into one single platform. When paired with the flagship MX Series controller and A10s Pro receiving card, an incredibly professional LED solution is realized, providing stunning image quality, precise color adjustment, and an intuitive software experience. This represents a totally new solution for managing high-end applications such as fine-pitch LED installation, studio broadcasting, touring, corporate events, virtual production and E-sports.

Fine-pitch LED installations

Corporate events

Virtual production



Studio broadcasting


Stunning image quality with enhanced details

Dual boosters for exceptional image display

Utilizing Image Booster 2.0 and Dynamic Booster, grayscale performance, color performance and contrast ratio are dramatically improved. 


Image Booster


Dynamic Booster

Fine grayscale

22bit+, 64 times grayscale improvement, 0.002nits precise control, ultra-precise image for stunning realism.


More realistic color

Fully automated color standardization, calibration and verification, self-adapts to color gamut, △E<2. 


Higher contrast ratio

By enhancing bright and dark content details to the idea level, an SDR source can deliver HDR-like effect, ensuring no overexposure in bright areas and no loss of detail in shadows.


Power saving with dynamic algorithm

With real-time analysis, brightness is adjusted dynamically frame by frame, saving 20%-40% power, extending the lifespan of an LED display.


HDR10 4:4:4

Virtual production with more realistic immersion

The only comprehensive 4K@60Hz 10bit 4:4:4 solution in the industry presents an ideal environment for virtual production that puts you in the scene, representing a new evolution in HDR applications.

Flexible frame rate for smoother visuals

Supports 240Hz high frame rate, frame multiplication, frame multiplexing and adaptive frame rate, providing a super smooth filming.


Perceptual color control on screen

Color adjustment at your fingertips

Color Replacement
Supports unrestricted color replacement, with minimal impact on other colors.
14CH Color Correctionn

Precise adjustment of hue, saturation, and brightness of primary, secondary and tertiary colors, with basic adjustment of black and white, ensuring perfect colors that retain their intended beauty.

Color adjustment for creative scenes

Curve adjustment and importing of 3D LUT files let you manage color in creative and artistic ways, just like a Hollywood colorist.

Color curve effect
Golden version from night
Cyberpunk from night
Transformer vision from night

Contrast & Black level for impressive details

Allows independent adjustment of highlights and shadows by contrast and black level, avoiding overexposure in bright content but delivering rich details in dark content.


Intuitive interface for easy control

Quick and easy screen mapping

Screen mapping can be done easily on the software canvas with a mouse. Auto detection of connected cabinets and exporting of screen mapping file in advance serve to greatly increase operational efficiency.

Free from rectangular calculation, maximizing the capacity

Loading capacity is calculated by the physical cabinet pixels, free from rectangular limitation, helping maximize the loading capacity of controllers. No more capacity waste from leaving blank or irregular shape designs. Create without limits!

Finder tool for quick adjustment

With the finder tool, cabinets and controllers can be located quickly. After receiving command from VMP software, LED screen will show the position of specific cabinets and controllers accurately, making relevant adjustment much quicker and easier.


Group management made easy

All devices are grouped by screens, making multiple screen management easier and more efficient than before.


Visualized seam correction

Seam correction can be completed rapidly with an interactive and visualized design. Visually locate and select the seams simply by using a cursor, then directly view the screen to adjust the seams in the software, greatly improving efficiency.


Scenario presets

Save all parameters of inputs and outputs into presets, providing quick and easy retrieval with a single click.


What you see is what you get

Canvas monitor and source preview allow for recognition of screen display status in real time and easy fitting of content to screen.

Super smooth shooting

Supports phase offset and shutter fit, allowing the LED display to automatically adapt to camera exposure time and frequency, alleviating black field and scan lines from being captured by the camera when shooting the LED display.

Flagship controller

  • 3 × HDMI2.0 Loop
  • 1 × 12G SDI Loop
  • 1 × DP1.2
  • 20 × EtherCON
  • 4×10G OPT

MX40 Pro

Armor Series
Receiving Card

Improving image quality
through the optimization
of every pixel


MX40 Pro