Phobos Series

Real 4K Capacity

18 bit+ & ClearView

Drag-n-drop Design

Free rotation

Improved Greyscale




Free Rotation

LED panel rotates in any area at any angle, providing infinite possibility for creative display.

Super-long loading capacity

Super-long loading capacity

Long-distance optical transmission

The distance of optical transmission can reach about 10 kilometers, presenting more stable images. ​

Input Interface​

HDMI 1.4, Dual DVI, 6G SDI​


Ultra Large Capacity

Resolution: 4K×2K@60Hz
Maximum width up to 8K

Multiple Outputs

Neutrik EtherCON×16
OPT Ports×4

Webpage Control

Wireless remote control

Multiple Video Inputs

DP1.2×1, HDMI 2.0×1, Dual DVI×2

Receiving Card of Armor Series

Highly improving the image quality on the display

64 times dynamic contrast improvement, with 0.001nits precision control of brightness, providing a fine and vivid display image even in low brightness conditions.

Precise Grayscale

Precise Grayscale for driver IC using professional optical instruments allows for a more accurate, and natural image, improving color casting in low brightness conditions.

Color Management

Allows for a perfect match between the display’s color gamut and that of the source video. This eliminates color deviation, especially the common issue with reddish skin color. This adherence to the original intended color allows the natural beauty of the original source video to shine.

High-end mini receiving card of NovaStar Armor series, featuring a small size and full-function, supports 22bit+, Precis Grayscale and Color Management, the latest LED Image Booster technologies from NovaStar. Highly Improving image quality through the optimization of every pixel, creating an eye-pleasing presentation, and therefore more valuable. 

Simplicity meets functionality.

Compatible with standard and PHOBOS series, now available in MAC. 

Armor series comparation

A4sA5A5sA7A7sA8A8sA9sA10s Plus
RGB Parallel Data Group243232323232323232
Individual Gamma adjustment for RGB××××××
Precise Grayscale××××××
Color Management××××××
Free Rotation××××××
Low Latency××××××
CE-EM / Class B / RoHs


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