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Wireless cabinet transmission

Eliminate unreliable cables and connectors and improve system reliability

Featuring the first and only high-speed wireless connector chip. Finally, integrators can free themselves from cumbersome and unreliable cables and mechanical connectors, enabling fast and easy install and breakdown

Dual-channel backup dramatically increases video wall reliability and uninterrupted uptime

Supports simultaneous wired and wireless transmission,
This level of backup ensures smooth and stable operation.

Wireless cabinet transmission

Non-physical connector attach allows
for flexible placement of modules

No need for a mechanical module connector, saving module space while easily meeting the flexible alignment requirements of fine-pitch displays.

Eliminate pixel misalignment
for a perfect image

XYZ tolerance of 1 mm allows for perfect alignment of fine-pitch displays resulting in a perfect image

Secure and reliable,
allowing you worry-free operation

Electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) – point-to-point near-field transmission is immune from interference and will not interfere with other wireless signals. Better signal integrity than a traditional cable with a lower bit error rate.


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