About us

As a global leading LED display solution provider, we design and develop LED display control solutions for a variety of market applications including entertainment, digital signage and rental.

Corporate Profile

Novastar, a global leading LED display solution provider, designs and develops LED display control solutions for a variety of market applications including entertainment, digital signage and rental.  

With 44 branches serving more than 10,000 corporate and retail clients worldwide, NovaStar has been continuously strengthening our innovation, manufacturing and support capability. Our product line ranges from LED display synchronous control system, LED display point-to-point calibration system to cloud-based management services. We have proudly served both corporate and retail clients ranging from the Beijing 2008 Olympic opening ceremony, concerts to digital advertising signage. NovaStar supports enables our worldwide clients to optimize productivity and business performance. 

NovaStar commits to pioneer innovative technology in LED display control and has been offering products with exclusive proprietary intellectual property rights identified as industry standard. Our goal is continue to create value for our clients with pioneer technology, tailored solutions, user-friendly products and professional support.

Time Line


  • First generation of Novastar’s Synchronous Control system N100 was installed on the 3,400 m2 main screen on Morgan Plaza for 2008 Beijing Olympics – which is still operating in its full functionality till today. 
  • NovaStar Technology established in Xi’an, China, specializing in LED display synchronous control system.


  • NovaStar’s second generation synchronous control system N2 was launched in February ​
  • NovaStar provided complete package including control system and point-to-point calibration services for Beijing Dinghao Plaza’s 1,200 m2 giant-sized screen ​
  • NovaCLB brightness calibration system launched in December


  • NovaCLB RBG color calibration system launched in December 
  • NovaStar provided complete service and calibration for Turkey Central Stadium’s 800 m2 LED display  
  • NovaStar was awarded “Excellent Innovative Company” 


  • NovaStar’s intellectual LED display control system was granted first place in Xi’an most advanced high-tech companies
  • New R&D, Customer Support and Sales branch was established in Shenzhen, China to better serve and support LED manufacturers.
  • M3 Series launched in October, which established a solid basis for the future of Nova’s control system


  • NovaStar dominated the LED rental market with 80% market share in China by December 2012 
  • New branches was established in Beijing and Shanghai to better serve clients in south-east and north-east China


  • NovaStar launched revolutionary asynchronous full-color control system with market applications in advertising and information sharing  ​ ​​
  • Statistics had proven over 95% of calibration service was done using Nova’s system within Greater China Region ​​
  • Cloud-based control platform NovaCloud launched in June


  • NCE – Nova Certified Engineer program launched ​
  • Novastar was recognized as “top 50 fastest growing company” according to Deloitte China. ​​
  • New branch locations established in Middle-east and South-east Asia


  • Complete new line of products launched including NovaPro HD, V900, multimedia player and VP200, setting new standard and sales record for the industry
  • 74 certified and registered distributer channels
  • Recognized as “Most Strategic Emerging Innovative Company”


  • NovaStar Control System reached 50% market share worldwide, with trusted product and proven support quality  
  • NovaStar illuminated more than 20 LED displays for the 2016 Rio Olympic games   
  • Novastar’s new product launch event was held in 7 different cities, attracted more than 1800 attendees


November – Nova World Tour 2017 – USA – Launch event held in Atlanta.

November – LED remote publishing and monitoring cloud solution is recognized as a 2017“outstanding cloud service solution” by China’s  Information Technology Service Industry

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October – Nova World Tour 2017 – France/Italy/Spain – Launch events are held in Paris, Formia, and Barcelona,

September – Nova World Tour 2017 – the Netherlands/UK/Germany – Launch events are held in Amsterdam, London, and Frankfurt.

August – Nova World Tour 2017 – Russia – Launch event held in Moscow.

June – Nova World Tour 2017 – India – Launch event held in Mumbai.

June – Nova World Tour 2017 – Korea – Launch event held in Seoul.

April – Nova World Tour 2017 – Launch events held in Beijing, Shenyang, Shenzhen, Chengdu, Wuhan, Shanghai, Xi’An, and Zhengzhou.

April – NovaStar supports India Premier League 2017

March – Nova World Tour 2017 – Malaysia – First overseas launch event is held in Kuala Lumpur.

February – NovaStar recognized as “superior company” by National Intellectual Property Administration.



July – NovaStar supports match displays at the World Cup in Russia, helping viewers witness the victory of a new world champion.

October – NovaStar’s VNNOX Cloud Publishing System receives authentication as a level-3 “safe information system”product from the Ministry of Public Security, one of very few LED industry products to receive this authentication.

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November – USA – 11 MCTRL660 PRO units are used in support of competition at the E-Sports Stadium in Texas.

October – Nova World Tour 2018 – Italy – “Seeing is Believing” launch event is held in Formia, Italy.

September – Nova World Tour 2018 – “Seeing is Believing”launch event is held in Moscow

June – Nova World Tour 2018 – Korea – NovaStar holds “Seeing is Believing” launch event in Seoul.

June – NovaStar’s MCTRL4K receives an international CI Best Award, a prestigious award from the industry’s systems integration authority, Commercial Integrator.

April – Turkey – NovaStar holds “Seeing is Believing” launch event in Istanbul, the first such event for NovaStar in Turkey.

April – NovaStar provides support for India Premier League 2018


August – Nova World Tour 2019 – South Africa – Held the “NovaStar is There”launch event in Johannesburg, the first offline event in South Africa.

July – Nova World Tour 2019 – Korea – Held “NovaStar is There” launch event in Seoul.

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June – NovaStar VIP Party – Russia – Held the first VIP Party in Moscow

May – Japan – Held product knowledge seminar in Tokyo, the first event localized for Japan.

May – China – Held “Belt and Road Initiative”summits at Beijing Horticultural World Expo, CDAC, and other international-level event sites.

April – Mexico – NovaStar’s third time attending Sound&Check XPO in Mexico, with a very successful showing.

April – NovaStar is issued the first national-level HDR testing authentication from the China Electronics Standardization Institute.

March – Chile – NovaStar holds a training session in Chile with outstanding attendance, receiving excellent satisfaction ratings from attendees.

March – NovaStar provides support for India Premier League 2019

February – NovaStar supports CCTV’s Spring Festival broadcast, using a well-developed large-screen solution to allow viewers to be a part of the show.

January – NovaStar is honored by COEPA (China Optics and Optoelectronics Manufacturer’s Association) with the title “Continually improving company。”