SLV Symposium 2019, is an acronym for Sound, Light and Visual, held from 2-4 July 2019 at Quill City Mall, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia 6th floor Quill Convention Centre. In order to give our S.E.A. customers the best experience possible, NovaStar displayed our newest tech and best-selling products, giving the audience

How to minimize delay while optimizing image quality. The A8s/A10s Plus receiving cards are powerful and flexible enough to handle any application you send their way. For applications where low latency is a must, they can be used together with the MCTRL660 PRO controller for an excellent low-latency result. While

InfoComm 2019 has come to a close, and what an amazing show it was. We can still remember last year when NovaStar was the talk of the exhibition for a few industry-first technologies, and we only upped our game for 2019, with the powerful NovaPro UHD and Nova Cloud solutions

NovaStar’s 2019 training sessions finally come to Russia. 65 professional technicians gathered in Novotel, located in the CBD of Moscow. The training lasted for two days from June 24 to 25.

The perfect image: It’s in the cards For applications with the highest demands for image quality, up to and including HDR, the A8s/A10s Plus receiving cards are best paired with NovaStar’s MCTRL4K controller. There are a number of ways in which the A8s/A10s Plus work with the MCTRL4K to provide

What can the A8s and A10s Plus do? Better to ask what CAN’T they do With the increasing popularity of P2.5-P1.2 over P3.9 in the marketplace, grayscale, color management, single-card loading capacity, low-latency and other factors are becoming more critical for high-end rental applications. Have you encountered issues with low

A beautiful visual can be a breathtaking thing. This spring, those in the LED industry around the world are focused on two events dedicated to the products that provide those beautiful images we love to see: LED China in Shenzhen and ISLE in Guangzhou. NovaStar looks forward to this opportunity

ISE 2019 has just wrapped up, and we are so pleased with the way things went this year. ISE 2019 saw NovaStar with its biggest and most beautiful booth yet. This year we really wanted to let everyone see the power of some of NovaStar’s latest and greatest products such

Following ISE, we will be holding a great event at our European office (Kruisweg 643-647  2132 NC Hoofddorp The Netherlands) in the Netherlands, which we are calling Experience Week. This event will run from February 8-15.  You are welcome to join us at any time to:Catch up with industry friendsSee our featured

December 4-5 NovaStar was in Mexico giving local clients some great training. This session included a company introduction, and focused on Nova-LCT, SmartLCT, T-Series, Vnnox, and MCTRL4K. Over 90 people registered for this training, but due to limited space we were only able to accommodate 46. Attendees were able to

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