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COB Features

COB Features – By NovaStar Innovation With development of LED display technology, consumers’ pursuit of better display quality has been driven continuously. Nowadays, we’ve entered COB packaging era that the boundaries of LED display have been broken through once again with its more delicate and realistic image quality. What are the specific advantages of COB screen? 1.

Discussion on COB Package

Discussion on COB Package – By NovaStar Innovation 1. Characteristics of COB package COB means Chip on Board, COB packaging is chip directly fixed on pcb board technology. With most concerns of display effect, either sealing or filming can ensure COB surface has a qualitative leap for LED screen uniformity and contrast.

The Development of LED Display Industry

The Development of LED Display Industry-By NovaStar Innovation LED screens are everywhere. From the streetlight outside of our house to the LED screen installed outside of the shopping mall, from the billboard alongside the highway to the LED screen inside a conference room , LED screens already penetrate into our

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