NovaStar Online Workshops

Improving your work starts with improving yourself.

NovaStar Online Workshops provide you with the most comprehensive training videos concerning basic knowledge, software operation and product solutions.

In addition to attending on-site training classes, NovaStar now also offers video knowledge, for a more convenient way to learn.

There are various video series, 100% made by NovaStar, which are aimed at increasing technical knowledge, mastering software operation, and taming on-site troubleshooting.

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VMP & MX Series Operation Videos

  1. How-To: Register Virtual Device in VMP
  2. How-To: VMP MX40 Pro-Input Source Configuration
  3. How-To: VMP MX40 Pro Setup Screen
  4. How-To: VMP MX40 Pro Swift Layout
  5. How-To: VMP MX40 Pro Tile Painter
  6. How to: VMP MX40 Pro-Back Up setting
  7. How to: VMP MX40 Pro Correct Seams
  8. VMP MX40 Pro Correct Multi Batch Tiles Modules
  9. VMP MX40 Pro Color Replacement
  10. VMP MX40 Pro 14CH Color Correct
  11. VMP MX40 Pro Adjust the Curve
  12. VMP MX40 Pro Group Management
  13. VMP MX40 Pro Firmware Check and Upgrade
  14. VMP MX40 Pro 3D LUT
  15. VMP MX40 Pro Preset Management
  16. VMP MX40 Pro 3D Function Settings

NovaStar Course

This video series is a professionally technical demonstration series.

It shows the detailed steps to manage the main functions of an LED display one by one, and the main points that users must pay attention  to throughout the whole operation.

With continuous production, there will be more language versions such as Spanish, Russian, etc.

  • 01 Smart settings for a regular module
  • 02 Exchange Data Group
  • 03 LCT Performance Settings and Receiving Card Configuration Files
  • 04 Screen Connection & Mult-Screen Management
  • 05 Multifunctional Card
  • 06 Brightness Adjustment
  • 07 Prestored Image Setting
  • 08 Quick Seam Adjustment
  • 09 Redundancy Backup Setting
  • 10 Firmware upgrade
  • Armor Series Receiving Card Rotation Features
  • Adjust Calibration Coefficient
  • Multi-batch Adjustment
  • System Monitoring Checking



This video series, which is completely recorded by NovaStar trainers, introduces our stellar products and  applications.

Come on and check out if there are some familiar faces!

  • All-in-one VX6s gives you everything you could ask for
  • Cloud-based Platform Solution
  • NovaPro UHD Jr Introduction
  • Q&A of NovaPro UHD Jr
  • Taurus Operation
  • HDR Solution
  • NovaPro UHD Introduction
  • Q&A of NovaPro UHD
  • J6 Introduction
  • Introducción General de MCTRL4K NovaStar
  • NovaPro UHD Jr, la última generación de Controlador Todo en Uno de 4K
  • All In One VX6s Te Da Todo Con Una Sola Unidad
  • MCTRL660 PRO, un controlador de latencia ultra baja
  • Procesador J6, Funcionalidad, Estabilidad y Potencia, Todo en una máquina

NCE Online Training

NovaStar Certified Engineer, known as NCE, has trained more than 3000 individuals all over the world since its initiation 2014.

If you are interested in NovaStar.  If you have the desire to improve your technical skills. If you want to become the best technician you can be… NovaStar’s online NCE training wants you.

  • 06-May  Basic knowledge of NovaStar System
  • 07-May  NovaLCT Basic Configuration
  • 12-May  Redundancy Configuration
  • 14-May Multiple-screen Solution
  • 19-May  4K Solution
  • 21-May Troubleshooting – Blackout Issue
  • 21-May  Troubleshooting – Screen Flickering
  • 28-May  Troubleshooting – Uneven screen brightness
  • Redundancy Configuration
  • Multiple-screen Solution

Webinars 2020

Webinars 2020 is a training series we have developed to help technicians around the world continue to improve their technical skills.

  • Loading capacity relevant
  • Fiber Solution Relevant
  • Latency
  • Hot Back up
  • Memory on Module
  • Multi-batch Adjustment
  • Trouble Shooting_Part A
  • Trouble Shooting_Part B