ET Series

Multimedia Play and Control System Real 8K Decode and Display The multimedia play and control system ET4000&ET2000-G is designed specifically for fixed installations such as multimedia exhibition halls, conference rooms, data centers, etc. It can handle high-resolution point-to-point display loading capacity and supports various creative mosaic displays. Combined with the professional multimedia play and control […]


Camera Effect Optimization Frame rate adaptive To adjust the display effects for varying frame rates range from 23.98 Hz to the max frame rate supported by the screen (max frame rate is decided by the screen’s hardware configuration), ensuring that the max brightness and color temperature remain consistent at different frame rates. It is suitable […]


MX Series Previous Next Abundant functions are provided to adjust and correct the video colors, such as Color Replacement, 14CH Color Correction, Color Curve and 3D LUT. The frame-by-frame image analysis and dynamic adjustment can significantly improve the display contrast and image details for better visual experience, effectively control and lower the display power consumption, […]

Operation Guidance

Operation Guidance VMP & MX Series Operation Videos Video Category How-To: VMP MX40 Pro-Input Source Configuration How-To: VMP MX40 Pro Setup Screen How-To: VMP MX40 Pro Swift Layout How-To: VMP MX40 Pro Tile Painter How to: VMP MX40 Pro-Back Up setting How to: VMP MX40 Pro Correct Seams VMP MX40 Pro Correct Multi Batch Tiles […]


Group management made easy All devices are grouped by screens, making multiple screen management easier and more efficient than before. What you see is what you get Canvas monitor and source preview allow for recognition of screen display status in real time and easy fitting of content to screen. Built-in source makes it possible to […]

Product List

Videos CX Series MX Series 8K Modular Designed LED Processor Comparison 1G Solution 5G Solution Feature VMPMX40 ProA10s Pro VMPMX40 ProOther AXs VMPMX30A10s Pro VMPMX30Other AXs VMPKU20A10s Pro VMPKU20Other AXs Controller Loading capacity 9,000,000 pixels 6,500,000 pixels 3,900,000 pixels Inputs 3x HDMI 2.0 (IN + LOOP) 1x DP1.2 1x 12G-SDI (IN + LOOP) 1x HDMI 2.0 (IN +LOOP)1x HDMI […]