CVT10 Pro

CVT10 Pro Comparison All New Fiber Converter CVT10 Pro More Reliable, Double Power The all new CVT10 Pro meets the needs of various long-distance transmission scenarios and works with all other NovaStar processors. Neutrik Interface, Reliable Connection CVT10-Pro supports 10x Gigabit Ethernet ports and 1x type-B USB control port, 2 types of power connectors and […]

MX Serie Solution

CREATIVITY UNLEASHED VMP is an all-new display control software that integrates design, management, and monitoring into one single platform. When paired with the flagship MX Series controller and A10s Pro receiving card, an incredibly professional LED solution is realized, providing stunning image quality, precise color adjustment, and an intuitive software experience. This represents a totally […]


Description Downloads Video VNNOX Care Professional LED Display Maintenance Platform APPLY FOR ACCOUNT LOG IN Revolutionizes the monitoring and maintenance of LED displays VNNOX Care is a display maintenance platform for LED industry users, featuring visual data analysis, intelligent information management, and remote monitoring. This provides clients with upgraded service through digitization, improving service, lowering […]

VX1000 / VX600

VX1000 / VX600 Comparison Downloads Video The VX1000 is NovaStar’s new all-in-one controller that integrates video processing and video control into one box. VX1000 can be widely used in applications such as medium and high-end rental, stage control systems and fine-pitch applications.  10 Ethernet ports of output provide 6.5 million pixels of loading capacity A […]

xR Solution

When NovaStar and xR collide – Join our xR story xR is a type of virtual production technology that integrates virtual reality and extended reality, simulating the effect of a real scene in a virtual 3D space. Compared with traditional green screen production, it can reduce complicated post-production work, and at the same time allow […]


The CVT10 fiber converter offers a cost-effective way to convert optical signals to electrical signals, or electrical signals to optical signals, for connecting the sending card to the LED display. Delivering a full-duplex, efficient and stable data transmission that is not easily interfered with, this converter is ideal for long-distance transmission.
The CVT10 hardware design focuses on the practicality and convenience of the on-site installation. It can be mounted horizontally, in a suspended way, or rack mounted, which is easy, secure and reliable. For rack mounting, two CVT10 devices, or one CVT10 device and a connecting piece can be combined into one assembly that is 1U in width.


V-can Video Control Software V-Can is a smart control platform for video processors (such as J6, N9) and all-in-one controllers (such as VX6s), allowing users to easily control and manage video processing devices and all-in-one controllers on Windows PC and Mac. User-friendly operation interface Visualized operation, easy to use and operate. Flexible and convenient layer […]


SmartLCT SMART Screen Configuration Software SMART Screen Configuration Eliminate the complicated screen configuration process and perform visual operation. Creative design Supports 360° free rotation, giving you unlimited creativity to set up a flexible visual stage. Eliminate multi-batch differences Adjust red, green and blue coefficients to eliminate the display differences caused by the mixing of different […]


Pixel Level LED Display Calibration System We have 8 years of calibrat on experience. Until the end of 2014, we sold 1000 sets of Nova Calibration System. Every year, Nova’s technical supporting engineers calibrate more than 20,000㎡ LED displays. Until now, Nova Calibration system calibrated more than 530,000㎡ LED displays. NovaCLB System Diagram There are 30 service stations nationwide providing calibration services. Professional […]

Rental Stage Solution

C1+N9 Live Event Solution C1 Event Controller N9 Seamless Switcher J6 Seamless Switcher VE7 Video Input Expander Video Live Event Solution C1 + N9+VE7 A totally new way to experience event poeration is coming How can the C1 + N9 + VE7 streamline your stage control? Stage Control, The NovaStar Way For stage control or […]