8K Modular Designed LED Processor


Various I/O Sub-card Group
Plug-in card design,
customized configuration

Multi-Input Sub-Card
One sub-card supports 8K@60Hz input.
Maximum support 32 Channels of 4K Parallel Input.
Users can replace I/O cards according to their needs, flexible and convenient.

8K Input Sub-Card

2 × HDMI 2.1
2 × DP 1.4

4K Input Sub-Card

4 × HDMI 2.0
4 × DP 1.2
4 × 12G-SDI

VoIP Card SMPTE ST2110


Optical Transmission
FOUR 8K huge screens handled by ONE unit

Output-Card Slots×8

ONE sub-card supports 16K with the loading capacity up to 141 million pixels

Ultra-long distance transmission, stable and efficientch


A brand new solution

One MX6000 Pro is needed to meet your requirements


Traditional solution

Need 1 large splicer and 16 4K controllers

32×4K Layers in any Layout
Move and zoom as you want

32 real 4K layers, which allow roaming freely across sub-cards in the multi-screen or large-screen scene.

Each layer supports customized scaling, and other layer effects.

Simplify the operation, layout as you want.

128 Presets
Smooth switching by one click

According to different requirements on scene display ,set and save the layer in advance.

The display content, and other display parameters, could be one-click set during application, which enables to flexible switching.

With Extreme Experiences

The more you use, the better it understands you

Group Management for Multi-screen

Brightness-Darkness Line Visual Adjustment

Format Painter

32×4K Layers

On-Screen Source Preview

Input Source Pre-Monitoring



Fine grayscale, More realistic color
0.002nits precise control
△E<2 Accurate Color Reproduction

22bit+, 64 times grayscale improvement, Ultra-precise image for stunning realism.

Fully automated color standardization, accurate color reproduction.

Dynamic booster 2.0
Bright and Shade, precisely pixel control

Dynamic booster 2.0

Bright and Shade, precisely pixel control

Professional color correction tools
Creative without capping

Professional color grading tools

Allowing users to easily handle color processing and adjustments.

Enhancing creative efficiency


xR/Vritual production



Large event

SpecificationsMX6000 ProMX2000 Pro
Loading capacity141 Million pixels35.38 million
Maximum Width & HeightMaximum width: 8,192 pixels; Maximum height: 7,680 pixels
InputHDMI2.0×4 / DP1.2×4 / 12G-SDI×4 (will be achieved in Q3 of 2023)
HDMI2.1×2 / DP1.4×2 / SMPTE2110×1(will be achieved in Q3 of 2023)
Output4 × 10G OPT / 1 × 40G OPT
Control Method1G Ethernet, TCP/IP
LayersSingle output card supports 4 independent 4K layers (up to 32×4K layers are supported)Single output card supports 4 independent 4K layers (up to 8×4K layers are supported)
GenlockTri-level, Bi-level / Black burst
Input bit depth12bit / 10bit / 8bit
Adaptive frame rate3.98 / 24 / 25 / 29.97 / 30 / 47.95 / 48 / 50 / 59.94 / 60 / 72 / 75 / 100 / 119.88 / 120 / 143.86 / 144 / 240Hz (*Exclusively supported by A10s Pro and CA50E)
No rectangle limitationSupport
3DSupport (HDR10 / HLG)
HDRSupport (HDR10 / HLG)
Low Latency(<1ms)Support
Image Booster 2.0Support (*Exclusively supported by A8s-N, A10S Pro and CA50E)
Dynamic Booster 2.0Support (will be achieved in Q3 of 2023)
Brightness OverdriveSupport (*Exclusively supported by A10s Pro)
Multi ModeSupport (*Exclusively supported by A10s Pro)
Multi Layer Full Grayscale CalibrationSupport (*Exclusively supported by A10S Pro and CA50E)
Thermal compensationSupport (*Exclusively supported by A10S Pro and CA50)

MX6000 Pro