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How NovaStar is helping your display look its best…

There are a lot of factors to consider when planning an LED solution, but in the end the one thing that has been proven to consistently attract viewers is image quality. For applications such as the ones shown below, amazing image quality is not just a bonus; it’s a must.

NovaStar has a solution that is specifically tailored to applications where excellent image quality is a must. —The MCTRL4K controller, paired with a A8s or A10s receiving card, connected to a PC running NovaStar’s SmartLCT software.

In addition to the excellent 4K×2K@60HZ resolution of the MCTRL4K, the A8s and A10s also have two features that improve image quality, both of which can be easily activated through the SmartLCT software.

Here are some examples of what 18bit+ and ClearView can do for a display image.

This improvement in image quality is due to two proprietary NovaStar technologies featured on the A8s and A10s receiving cards.

The first is called 18bit+. This is an image processing technology that drastically improves grayscale in conditions with low brightness.  This is achieved by optimizing the focus of the existing processing power, using it where it’s needed most in these conditions. In low brightness conditions, this can improve grayscale by up to 4 times, which also makes this a great solution for low brightness applications such as museums or aquariums.

The second technology is an image processing technology called ClearView. This algorithm is based on the characteristics of human vision, and monitors and adjusts the image in real time, on a pixel by pixel basis.  Contrast, sharpness, picture size, and many more conditions are all factored in to this algorithm, dramatically improving overall clarity. 

These two features of the A8s and A10s, when combined with a powerful controller like the MCTRL4K, can provide unrivaled picture quality, making sure your display always looks its best.

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