NovaStar’s N9 is a switcher, splicer, and processor designed for both stage control and broadcasting applications. It’s a great unit on its own, but many clients felt that for time-sensitive live control applications, software operation can be complex and unwieldy. Enter the C1, a dual-touchscreen stage control console that literally puts quick and simple control right in your hands. These two are the perfect pair for both rental and TV studio clients.

7 layers + OSD = Creativity
Support for 7 layers + OSD + BKG + Logo, allowing for a wide variety of layouts.
The 7 layers can be in any location. Supports 32 user presets
Four layers is more than enough for many applications, with six layers proving sufficient for applications with high requirements. Never satisfied with just “enough,” we gave the N9 capability for 7 layers, allowing it to meet the needs of anything you throw at it, with room to spare.

Power = Clarity
Can output 4K X 2K @60hz, providing the high power needed for the rental market
The N9+C1 is a great solution for live stage control, but the N9 itself is also an excellent processor, especially with its support for 4K. If you already have a NovaStar controller such as the MCTRL4K(What’s MCTRL4K?), it pairs perfectly with the N9 for a complete controller/processor solution.

NovaStar Scaling = Sharp Image
The integrated scaling algorithm developed by NovaStar pays more attention to detail than standard scalers. This will make sure that the image is still sharp after scaling

The C1 and N9 make an excellent solution for live stage and TV broadcast applications. You asked for simplicity, stability, and stunning clarity, and we listened.