How the MCTRL4K and Armor receiving cards work together to provide the best image possible

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The perfect image: It’s in the cards

For applications with the highest demands for image quality, up to and including HDR, the A8s/A10s Plus receiving cards are best paired with NovaStar’s MCTRL4K controller. There are a number of ways in which the A8s/A10s Plus work with the MCTRL4K to provide the ultimate visual experience.

Grayscale is such a critical piece of the process that makes up a stunning image. That’s why the A8s/A10s Plus both feature 18bit+ and Precise Grayscale technologies to optimize grayscale. 18bit+ works to increase grayscale by 4 times, while Precise Grayscale eliminates many issues that occur with low brightness, preventing bouncing, inaccurate color, mottling, and color blocks.

RGB gamma adjustment is another feature onboard the A8s/A10s Plus cards, managing uneven grayscale and white balance drift, resulting in a more accurate final image.

For those needing the most stunning image possible, HDR is the best of the best. The wider color gamut and higher dynamic range of HDR video give images amazing detail, ensuring a lifelike image. The MCTRL4K was the first controller in the industry to fully support HDR10. Now, the MCTRL4K also supports HDR10-Optima, a version of the HDR10 standard with a PQ that has been optimized for LED displays. HLG is also supported, making this solution versatile enough to handle broadcasting and live entertainment applications.

For high-demand applications, excellent loading capacity is also a must.
The A8s and A10s Plus both have a loading capacity of 512X512, ensuring that a smaller number of receiving cards can still load a display with fine pitch. The MCTRL 4K supports resolutions up to 4K x 2K@60HZ,ensuring a crisp final image.

Color accuracy is also very important to ensure a beautiful picture. This requires the use of proper video information to display the intended image in its original color. The color management technology onboard A8s/A10s Plus cards ensures color accuracy, allowing the advantages of the wider LED color gamut to be fully realized, making both SDR and HDR video look their best.

As screens get bigger and pixel pitch become ever smaller, standard controllers no longer fit the evolving needs of high-end system integrators and the rental market. NovaStar has designed the MCTRL4K controller to meet the high requirements for these markets, allowing you to realize your most creative designs in full 4K or even HDR. The 4K, when combined with the A8s/A10s Plus receiving cards, ensure that excellent grayscale, color accuracy, high loading capacity, independent Gamma adjustment, and even HDR can all work together to give you the most breathtaking image possible for applications requiring the best image quality.

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