MCTRL660 PRO + Armor receiving cards: Born to solve latency

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How to minimize delay while optimizing image quality.

The A8s/A10s Plus receiving cards are powerful and flexible enough to handle any application you send their way. For applications where low latency is a must, they can be used together with the MCTRL660 PRO controller for an excellent low-latency result. While low latency may be the most important thing on your mind, we still want to make sure not to sacrifice image quality while maintaining low latency. This is where the A8s/A10s Plus receiving cards really shine.

First, grayscale is optimized through the use of two proprietary NovaStar technologies. The first, 18bit+, improves grayscale by up to 4 times while the second, Precise Grayscale, further optimizes grayscale and eliminates many common issues with grayscale in low brightness conditions.

Next, RGB Gamma adjustment is onboard. This manages uneven grayscale and white balance drift, improving the overall realism and accuracy of the image.

Accurate color representation is also very important to image quality. In order to realize accurate color representation, A8s/A10s Plus cards integrate color management technology.

Finally, the MCTRL660 PRO takes care of the latency issue. With a delay of less than one frame, the MCTRL660 PRO is excellent for low latency applications. A wide variety of inputs and outputs, support for 10bit high-resolution input, image mirroring, and TCP/IP and Art-Net control round out the features that make the MCTRL660 PRO a powerful and versatile controller. While it is the best choice for low latency applications, it has the flexibility to get the job done in a wide variety of scenarios.

To achieve ultra-low latency without sacrificing any of the image quality that our industry now demands, look to the MCTRL660 PRO + A8s/A10s Plus receiving cards.

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