NovaWorld Tour Dubai 2017 — Visualize Your Imagination!

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NovaWorld Tour Dubai 2017 was held in Sheraton Grand Hotel in Dubai on September 18th. Here we take the pleasure to express our gratitude to all our clients and your attendance is highly appreciated. Our experienced and passionate MEA team also offered NovaStar’s latest solutions as well as our Phobos series and advanced calibration technology in this event.
NovaWorld Tour Dubai 2017 — Visualize Your Imagination!

Some of our amazing customers taking a group photo during the reception ceremony

Our technical support engineer shared NovaStar development stories and successful cases from the past nine years all over the world, giving our customers a better awareness of our company scale and product system.

Prize drawing.

During break time, customers checked out our products, and expressed strong interest in some training sessions for their team.

Our business development manager shared NovaStar Phobos series for both high-end rental and fixed installations. Customers left the event with extensive knowledge of our 4K controller, R5 controller, A8s receiving card and SmartLCT software.

We really appreciate your support, and hope you all had a great time!

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