One Card to Rule Them All

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With the market’s ever-increasing need for fine-pitch solutions, users are requiring more and more from their receiving cards. Smaller cards, larger loading capacity, more features, and user friendliness have all become must-haves for any receiving card on the market. To meet the needs of the evolving fine-pitch market, NovaStar created a new generation of receiving cards: The Armor Series. But just how much more can the Armor Series give when compared to traditional receiving cards?

Larger loading capacity means more flexibility

Let’s use a side by side comparison to look at the difference an Armor Series card can make. If we use a regular receiving card to load a P2.5 display, and then use an A8s receiving card to load a P2.5 display, we can easily see the difference. While we’re using just one card in both scenarios, the display loaded by the A8s card is much larger. When working with fine pitch applications, this increase in resolution makes all the difference.

More convenience

The Armor Series allows the cabinet mapping to be visualized, making it very easy to identify any problems. When you use Mapping, each cabinet will display a number, which lets you clearly identify where it lies in the mapping chain.

One-click restore of configuration files

Think of a time you realized something was wrong with your computer or your phone…

At the time, the one thing you were certainly wishing for was a way to restore from a backup. When working with receiving cards, the same concept applies.

With one-click restore of configuration files, you never have to worry about making a configuration mistake. With the Armor series, you can easily restore your previous configuration with a single button press.

Smart module

With cabinet space becoming smaller and smaller, the size of the components inside a cabinet is more important than ever before. Unlike previous cards, the A8s and A10s allow for monitoring of the card without the use of a separate monitoring card, saving precious space in your cabinet.

Dual backup for calibration coefficients

Calibration coefficients are stored to two separate regions, which can come in very handy. If you are making adjustments, and the coefficients in the operation region have an issue, you can easily backup from the factory region. This makes operation convenient and worry-free.

Dual card backup

Because of the small size of Armor cards, it is very convenient to use two cards together, with one operating as a backup. This way you ensure that there is never an issue with your display.


18bit+ drastically improves grayscale in conditions with low brightness.


ClearView monitors and adjusts the image in real time, on a pixel by pixel basis, dramatically improving overall clarity.


NovaStar’s A8s and A10s receiving cards both support HDR10. HDR increases brightness, dynamic range, and bit depth, improving clarity and providing a more lifelike image.

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