The perfect image: It’s in the cards

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What can the A8s and A10s Plus do? Better to ask what CAN’T they do

With the increasing popularity of P2.5-P1.2 over P3.9 in the marketplace, grayscale, color management, single-card loading capacity, low-latency and other factors are becoming more critical for high-end rental applications.

Have you encountered issues with low brightness grayscale loss or color cast? Now, with the innovative technology onboard the A8s/A10s Plus, we can ensure that your grayscale is sufficient, accurate, and detailed.

The A8s and A10s Plus feature two technologies to improve grayscale and optimize image quality. The first is Precise Grayscale which eliminates low grayscale bouncing, inaccurate color representation, post-calibration mottling, and post-calibration color blocks through level-by-level grayscale detection and correction.

The second is 18bit+, which uses the newest grayscale encoding to improve grayscale by 2 bits, an improvement of 4 times over the original level. This allows for a more detailed image, helping eliminate issues that fine-pitch applications can encounter in low brightness conditions such as grayscale loss, lack of grayscale uniformity, and color cast, greatly improving the overall image.

Another useful feature integrated into A8s/A10s Plus cards is RGB gamma adjustment. This effectively manages uneven grayscale and white balance drift, producing a more realistic and accurate image.

The A8s and A10s Plus both support HDR10-Optima, a new HDR standard developed by NovaStar. HDR-Optima features a PQ more optimal for LED displays than HDR10, making video more beautiful than ever before. HLG is also supported, making this solution versatile and useful for applications like broadcasting and live entertainment.

These cards also have enough power for the most demanding applications. The A8s and A10s both have a loading capacity of 512X512, ensuring that a smaller number of receiving cards can still load a display with fine pitch.

Stability is a must in the LED industry, and that is why we made the A8s and A10s Plus the first receiving cards in the industry to use high-density connectors.  This provides a more secure connection than previous DDR2 connectors, helping reduce the effects of humidity. These connectors also provide better electromagnetic shielding for more stable transmission, greatly reducing connector breakage while improving EMC capability.

Due to their small size, it is very convenient to use two Axs series cards together, with one operating as a backup. This way you ensure that there is never an issue with your display.

Finally, the A8s/A10s Plus have integrated color management technology. Proper video information is required to display the intended source image. Through ensuring the accuracy of critical color representation, the advantage of the wide LED color gamut can be fully realized, allowing both SDR and HDR video to be displayed with the best results. Ensuring the image is as lifelike as possible.

Each and every one of these features all work towards a common goal: to give your display the most stunning image possible. For high-end applications with demanding requirements, nothing beats the A8s/A10s Plus.

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