How to Immerse Yourself in ISE 2020​

ISE 2020 is coming soon, and NovaStar is excited to show off all our latest technologies and products. 
This year our theme for the show is “Immerse Yourself.” Make sure to come see us at booth 8-G160 so we can show you how the best in image quality leads to immersion and a better viewing experience.


Experience the innovation of light and shadow.

Novastar’s brand new control system consists of the industry’s first 8K controller, new 5G receiving cards, and an all-new software platform. Powered by the new Nova image engine, the system represents a pioneering approach to the way LED controllers perform, mastering elements of light and shadow. Prepare yourself for a revolutionary visual experience.

HDR master 4K

4K HDR reinventing the new sensory experience

HDR Master 4K is an HDR video generator, which can be specially adjusted according to the display characteristics of the LED screen. The display effect is fully optimized to show more details of the bright and dark parts. Without the current shortage of HDR video sources, SDR video can be directly generated as HDR10 video source output, so that the image is reproduced real and lifelike.

Nova Cloud-Based Display Management System

Cloud management revolutionized

Nova Cloud-Based Display Management System revolutionizes the remote display management process. Intelligent control allows efficient display management. Stability and comprehensive security combine with professional status monitoring and maintenance to provide a total worry-free management solution.

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We will have an amazing VR station at our booth, allowing you to fully immerse yourself. We welcome everyone to sign up for this exciting experience.

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