NovaStar ISE 2023: From the future to the reality


During the ISE 2023, NovaStar will provide solutions in many industry segments:

virtual production, 5G+8K technology, COB, distribution system, visual platform, cloud-based platform, etc.


Not just the new solutions, we also have new initiatives in regional markets,

our key words of 2023 are: differentiated and customized service.

5G & 8K UHD LED Display Solution

Single-port input with 8K loading capacity, and ethernet output port with 5G ultra-large bandwidth, 1 controller, 16 network cables, easy to load 8K LED screen, greatly simplify 8K system solution chain road of ultra-high-definition, high frame rate, high bit depth.

LED Control Solution For
Virtual Production

LED control solution for virtual production, aiming at the special functional design of virtual shooting and the unique image quality improvement technology, can effectively solve the problems of shooting scanning line, color irregularity and detail loss, to make sure of clearer image display, more accurate color and immaculate image shooting, to create a shooting scene that closer to the real light and shadow. What you see is what you get.

COB High Definition Display Solution

More pixels, better pixels. With advanced calibration technology, multi-dimensional image processing algorithm, to meet the requirements of LED display in the time/era of image quality, providing better pixels to the COB screens.

Distribution System

MG Series AV over IP system is a distributed management and control system based on network, nodes and digitization. The system utilizing low bandwidth, providing low-latency and lossless audio and video experience, breaking the limitations of the traditional centralized deployment mode.

Nova Cloud-Based Display Management System

Nova Cloud-Based Display Management System revolutionizes the remote display management process. Intelligent control allows efficient display management. Stability and comprehensive security combine with professional status monitoring and maintenance to provide a total worry-free management solution.

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