Receiving Card


Image Booster

64 times grayscale improvement

22bit+, 64 times grayscale improvement, 0.002nits precise control, ultra-precise image for stunning realism.


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Pixel-level optimization

Professional optical instruments are used to calibrate the 16bit, 65536 gray scales of the driver IC, so that the grayscale of the LED screen is more accurate.

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Color Adjustment

The gamut of the LED display can be adjusted according to the gamut of the video source, so that the gamut between the display and video source can be perfectly matched to eliminate color bias and reproduce the original color.


Dynamic Booster

Standard Test Color

By enhancing bright and dark content details to the idea level, an SDR source can deliver HDR-like effect, ensuring no overexposure in bright areas and no loss of detail in shadows. With real-time analysis, brightness is adjusted dynamically frame by frame, saving 20%-40% power, extending the lifespan of an LED display.

Multi-layer Full
Grayscale Calibration

Medium and low grayscale remains uniform

Support multi-layer full gray scale calibration, aiming at the non-linear characteristics of Mura shape under different gray scales, each gray scale has its own calibration coefficient, so that the LED screen is uniform and delicate under different brightness.


Thermal Compensation

Long operating time,
no color casting

After the LED screen has been running for a period of time, reddish textures appear on the screen due to uneven heat dissipation. Through thermal compensation technology, the thermal characteristics of LED screen are calibrated, which can effectively solve the color bias caused by uneven heat distribution of the screen.

loading capacity

Supports 5Gpbs network cable output, 512 * 768 loading capacity with single receiving card, achieve 1 cabinet with 1 receiving card, greatly simplifying the system and reduce the costs.