Professional LED Display
Maintenance Platform

Revolutionizes the monitoring and
maintenance of LED displays

VNNOX Care is a display maintenance platform for LED industry users, featuring visual data analysis, intelligent information management, and remote monitoring. This provides clients with upgraded service through digitization, improving service, lowering cost, and adding value.


Service Efficiency


Service Costs


Brand Value


Customer loyalty

Full information overview of LED display data

see everything in one place

Visual representation of display data, all laid out in a single place for easy viewing.
Designed to give users a comprehensive view of the display’s status and data.

Accurate fault diagnosis, with

1 minute warning notification

Records topology data for all display control equipment (PC, sending card, receiving card, power, lamp panel, Ethernet cable, ribbon cable, signal cable). Error notifications come within 1 minute, and a visual representation of all equipment helps users quickly fix issues.

Important information all available at a glance,

allowing for efficient maintenance

Warranty information, part replacement, status history, system configuration, and more important information are all recorded to the cloud. Quick viewing of all this information in a single place greatly simplifies maintenance.



with no additional cost or equipment

No need for any additional equipment or fees to use VNNOX Care. Any NovaStar controller can use VNNOX Care service. Product operation videos and solution introduction videos are embedded on NovaStar’s online workshop platform, to help users quickly master product operation methods, improve work efficiency and service skills.

Cloud storage for configuration files,

one click access

VNNOX Care allows users to upload their own configuration files and retrieve them with one click, avoiding delaying the setup time due to not being able to find the correct configuration file.

Secure and stable

Comprehensive security protection to keep screen playback secure.

Information Security Management
System Certificate

Get started with VNNOX Care

Follow the directions below to get started with the LED display maintenance service.

Apply for Account

Fill out required information.
A NovaStar account manager will
contact you to verify information.

Create Account

After verification, you will receive an email within 48 hours notifying your account information and usage guide.

Get started

You are now free to log into VNNOX Care with your account and enjoy comprehensive care for the full life of your display.



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