MG Series AV over IP system is a distributed management and control system based on network, nodes and digitization. The system utilizing low bandwidth, providing low-latency and lossless audio and video experience, breaking the limitations of the traditional centralized deployment mode. It is suitable for decentralized deployment of audio and video interconnection applications across floors, regions and networks. The system integrates audio and video long-distance digital transmission, signal switching, KVM and screen management. Working with the visual Web management system, visual control software for Pads and KVM system, which can be applied in various visual application scenarios such as command centers, large conference communication centers, monitoring centers, data centers and dispatch centers.

All-in-One Highly Integrated

No need multiple devices

The decoder and sending card are highly integrated, with 13 million pixels loading capacity *,
supports arbitrary cabling and splicing.


Nanosecond Synchronization

Professional Splicing with No-tearing

Creating professional nanosecond synchronization that truly stands the test of the naked eye
and camera by NetSync plus NovaSync double synchronization, professional splicing with no-tearing.




High Image Quality True 4K

More Dynamic

Full link 4K@60Hz, low latency with easier operation.
10bit 4:4:4 excellent image, smoother grayscale gradient and better maintained the original color saturation.


8bit 256 Color Gray Scale

10bit 1024 Color Gray Scale

Secure system with Decentralized

Not Afraid of Single Point Affect Whole System

The system is decentralized without central server and it can be operated even exposed to minor
damage which is more stable and secure.


Customize Input and Output

More Economical and More Free

Powerful input EDID management, output timing management, breaking through the conventional resolution limits,
the Max Width up to 16384*, the Max Height up to 8192.


Super Resolution
Splicing is More Convenient

Mosaic Display Frame-level Synchronization

Multi-card source splicing, super high resolution visualization ultra HD display.


Preset Playback
Source Layer Playback

A Variety of Playback

Source Layer Playback supports cycle playback;
Preset playback supports preset timing playback and cycle playback.


More Functions

Visual Operation

Multi-function KVM

Image Border
Compensation Correction

Multiple Backup

Multi-level Management

Full-color Subtitles

Network Interconnection

Unlimited Capacity Expansion

Device Name Search

Marker Setting

Pad Reverse Control

Open Control Protocol

USB Flash Drive Transmission

KVM Resolution Settings

Soft Keyboard, Touch Screen

*The maximum loading capacity of MGT2000 is 13 million; the maximum loading capacity of MGT1000 is 6.5 million; the maximum loading capacity of MGT600 is 3.9 million.

*The maximum width of MGT2000 is 16384, and the maximum height is 8192; the maximum width of MGT1000/MGT600 is 10240, and the maximum height is 8192.

Video Port1x DP1.2 IN
1x HDMI2.0 IN
1x HDMI2.0 OUT
1x HDMI2.0 OUT10x RJ45 LED OUT20x RJ45 LED OUT
1x HDMI2.0 IN
Audio Port1x Audio IN
1x Audio OUT
1x Audio IN
1x Audio OUT
1x Audio IN
1x Audio OUT
1 x Audio IN
1x Audio OUT
1x OPT
1x LAN/PoE
1x OPT
1x LAN
1x OPT
1x LAN
1x OPT
USB Port1x USB-A
1x USB-B
2x USB-A 2.0
4x USB-A 3.0
2x USB-A 2.02x USB-A 2.0
Third-party Port1x RS232、1 x RS485、1x IRIN、1x IROUT、1x I/O、1x RELAY
OthersVideo EncodingVideo Decoding,
Display Control
Video Decoding,
LED Display Control,
Free Cabling
Video Decoding,
LED Display Control,
Free Cabling

MG Series