Multimedia Play and Control System

Real 8K Decode and Display

The multimedia play and control system ET4000&ET2000-G is designed specifically for fixed installations such as multimedia exhibition halls, conference rooms, data centers, etc. It can handle high-resolution point-to-point display loading capacity and supports various creative mosaic displays. Combined with the professional multimedia play and control software Kompass FX3/FX2, it can achieve superior audio and video playback processing and media arrangement functions. This allows users to enjoy a convenient multimedia control experience.

Smooth 8K Point to Point Display

Each ET4000 model can support up to four 4K×2K outputs, making it capable of handling the point-to-point mosaic display output of 8Kx4K@60Hz pixels with ease and fulfilling any loading capacity requirements. The system is equipped with a powerful graphics rendering engine and advanced multi-output synchronization technology, which effectively eliminates image tearing and stuttering, providing users with an ultra-clear and smooth experience.


16K Video Hardware Decoding Playback

The system has adopted the hardware decoding and rendering technology of a professional graphics display card, making it easy to smoothly play 16K@60fps UHD videos or multiple 4K@60fps video materials. It supports hardware decoding of video formats such as H.264, H.265, VP9, and hardware acceleration of HAP format.


Coding System Visualization
What You See is What You Get

Professional play and control software, through the VICP App to achieve visual broadcast management, material adjustment, priority adjustment and other functions on the Pad terminal, greatly simplifying the operation management of the system, to achieve one-stop centralized control. The software has a freely program management function to meet all kinds of unattended playback requirements.

Creative Mosaic Display

The system supports display output for unrestricted cutting and reorganization. The shape of the display is no longer limited to a rectangular output. Irregular screens can be easily loaded and displayed. Additionally, the system can realize diversified screen effects such as display splitting, folding and rotation.


Multi-layer Display

Unlimited layers can be displayed. Each layer can be freely arranged, superimposed and rotated, providing flexibility in constructing any scene and giving the picture a richer appearance.


Multi-machine Cascading
Hot Backup, More Stable

The industry’s original FSD frame synchronization technology, which can realize splicing and display between multiple servers with frame-level synchronization, with no tearing, up to N×8K load; The display/control end provides full-link hot backup. When the primary link fails or the playback screen is abnormal, the system can automatically switches to the backup link, which is stable and reliable.


More Functions

Split and Recombination

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Immersive 3D

NDI Capture

Power of Creativity

Achieve Creative Vision




More Models to Choose

Storage250G High-Speed
Solid State Drive
250G+500G High-Speed
Solid State Drive
Graphics CardT400MPG2200HPGA4000/HPGA5000
Loading Capacity2* 4Kx2K@60HZ4* 4Kx2k@60HZ
Decoding AbilityDXVA+Software Decoding
1*8Kx2K@60fps or 2*4Kx2K@60fps
DXVA+Software Decoding
1*8Kx4K@30fps or 3*4K2K@60fps
DXVA+Software Decoding
1*8Kx4K@60fps or 4*4Kx2K@60fps
Hot BackupNot SupportNot SupportSupport
CascadingNot SupportNot SupportSupport
Playback SoftwareKompass FX2 and DongleKompass FX3 and Dongle
Layer Specifications4 Layers + 1 Audio Layer
8 Layers + 1 Audio Layer
Visual Control on TabletSupport
Third-party ControlSupport

Kompass FX3