Pixel Level LED Display Calibration System

We have 8 years of calibrat on experience. Until the end of 2014, we sold 1000 sets of Nova Calibration System. Every year, Nova’s technical supporting engineers calibrate more than 20,000 LED displays. Until now, Nova Calibration system calibrated more than 530,000㎡ LED displays.

NovaCLB System Diagram

There are 30 service stations nationwide providing calibration services.

Professional cabinet calibration technicians provide services, 

such as: 

  • Help you to get consultation and use the cabinet calibration system.
  • Help you to learn some common calibration knowledge.
  • Help you to learn the new features of new version.

NovaStar Standard Calibration System

It can be applied to all the LED displays. Offering a better calibration effect with reasonable price. Featuring simple operation and high efficiency.

  • Bright dark link correction method

  • One-key start

  • Maximum pixels for one calibration: 192×128

  • Maximum area for one calibration: 2K×1K

  • Calibration speed: one minute/per cabinet, 2,000,000 pixels/hour.

Cabinet calibration and full-screen calibration are applicable.

Caliris Calibration System

It can eliminate color difference perfectly and create a more exquisite, more transparent and better view.

It applies in particular to small-spacing display below P3.

  • XYZ color data collection and processing

  • Blue and white balance, achieving a better uniformity or blue and white.

  • Bright dark line correction method.

  • One-key start

  • Maximum pixels for one calibration: 480×330

  • Maximum area for one calibration: 4K×3K

Cabinet calibration and full-screen calibration are applicable

Calibration on site

Arc Display Calibration Solution

Hailong Building, Zhongguancun, Beijing, L:78.36m, W:6.4m, 500㎡, P2.0

Irregular Display Calibration Solution

Chongqing General Trading Group

Extra-large Display Calibration Solution

Aug 2013, Global Center, Chengdu, 4080㎡, P2.5

Arc Display Calibration Solution

When some problems occur in the module being used, the brightness and color of the new module which is used to replace the failure one will be very difference to its surrounding modules. This solution only calibrates the new module and solves the problem of uniformity within 3 minutes.

Super Fast Calibration Solution of the Whole Display

It is also very efficient to calibrate the whole display at one time without partitioning. It is suitable for calibration on-site in emergency. 

Fast Adjustment of Bright and Dark Lines Solution

This will solve the problem of display’s bright and dark lines problem caused by cabinets assembling. No calibration equipment and calibration specialist requited. Anyone can do it. The whole adjustment process is very easy.

Operation Interface

1. Choose the border.

2. Adjust

3. Save to hardware