Vision Management Platform

Group management made easy

All devices are grouped by screens, 
making multiple-screen management easier and more efficient than before.

What you see is what you get

Canvas monitor and source preview allow for recognition of
screen display status in real-time and easy fitting of content to screen.
Built-in source makes it possible to perform screen mapping without an external source.
VMP provides built-in templates for convenience and you can also store multiple test
pictures of your own in the controller through this function.

Quick and easy screen mapping

Screen mapping can be performed easily on the software canvas with a mouse.
Auto detection of connected cabinets and exporting of screen mapping file
in advance serve to greatly increase operational efficiency. 

Free from rectangular calculation, maximizing capacity

Loading capacity is calculated by the physical cabinet pixels,
free from rectangular limitation, helping maximize the loading capacity of controllers.
No more capacity waste from leaving blank or irregular shape designs. Create without limits!

Visualized seam correction

Seam correction can be completed rapidly with an interactive and visualized design.
Visually locate and select the seams simply by using a cursor, then directly view the
screen to adjust the seams in the software, greatly improving efficiency.

Color adjustment for creative scenes

Curve adjustment and importing of 3D LUT files let you manage color 
in creative and artistic ways, just like a Hollywood colorist.

Scenario presets

Save all parameters of inputs and outputs into presets,
providing quick and easy retrieval with a single click.