Irregular display

Turn your ideas into reality

System diagram

Irregular display​

We often find displays of different shapes in applications such as big shows, exhibitions, bars, and karaoke. Normal test is very complicated. In response to this problem. NovaStar launched a new generation of irregular display solutions. It makes configuring a screen simpler, easier and faster than ever, ensuring an extraordinary creative display experience.

NovaStar irregular display solution consists of new generation display configuration software SmartLCT, LED controller and receiving card. It was designed to achieve the intelligent configuration and flexible creativity of various complex LED displays. It brings an extraordinary experience to the irregular display scene, which can double the value of your business.

Intelligent screen configuration makes on-site setup simple.

Elimination of complex screen configuration process, visual control, 360 degree free rotation, as effective & simple as building blocks.

Adjust color temperature gamut,just like Photoshop.

The brightness of red, green, blue and white can be adjusted independently, just like Photoshop.  It will Allow the picture to show the beauty that was originally intended.

Double hot backup, stable and safe.

Through backup between network ports and devices, can ensure the normal transmission of video signal and the stability of the display.

Creative scene, free imagination.

Intelligent screen, simple structure, free rotation, high-definition image quality, allowing ultimate creativity.

Relax and say goodbye to light and dark lines.

Easily remove the splicing light and dark lines, improving the uniformity of the display screen and enhancing image quality performance.

Eliminate multi-batch discrepancies, returning the display to its intended color.

By adjusting the red, green and blue coefficients, the display discrepancies caused by different batches of boxes or light panels can be eliminated.