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Register Now for NovaStar’s Experience Week

Following ISE, we will be holding a great event at our European office (Kruisweg 643-647  2132 NC Hoofddorp The Netherlands) in the Netherlands, which we are calling Experience Week. This event will run from February 8-15.  You are welcome to join us at any time to:Catch up with industry friendsSee our featured

Featured Event: Mexico Training Event

December 4-5 NovaStar was in Mexico giving local clients some great training. This session included a company introduction, and focused on Nova-LCT, SmartLCT, T-Series, Vnnox, and MCTRL4K. Over 90 people registered for this training, but due to limited space we were only able to accommodate 46. Attendees were able to

A8s and A10s Revolutionize the Receiving Card Landscape

Everyone is aware that the display industry, including LED, LCD, and projection, is experiencing a change in the way we look at realizing image quality. Currently, the entire LED industry is focused on these two things: more pixels and better pixels. More pixels Receiving cards are expected to have a

Because Image Quality is Everything

How NovaStar is helping your display look its best… There are a lot of factors to consider when planning an LED solution, but in the end the one thing that has been proven to consistently attract viewers is image quality. For applications such as the ones shown below, amazing image

For Fine Pixel Apps, Both the A8s and A10s Pack A Serious Punch

Everyone in the LED industry is now aware of the industry’s push towards fine pixel pitch displays. The improved resolution has a huge effect on the impact of the display, and this trend is being widely embraced, especially for applications using large displays such as sports stadiums and concert venues.

C1+N9: The Perfect Pair For Live Stage And Broadcasting

NovaStar’s N9 is a switcher, splicer, and processor designed for both stage control and broadcasting applications. It’s a great unit on its own, but many clients felt that for time-sensitive live control applications, software operation can be complex and unwieldy. Enter the C1, a dual-touchscreen stage control console that literally puts quick and simple

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